I have just written some easy-peasy, fun breakfast recipes for the Solo Open Kitchen platform’s Back to School special. Make sure to check it out here!

One of my own kids’ all time favourite breakfast treats is also included in that article… French toast roll-ups covered with cinnamon sugar!

These are just so delicious and very easy and quick to make!



What you need: some slices of toast bread (cut the crust off), 2 or 3 eggs (beaten), some milk, jam and/or peanut butter and some cinnamon sugar (which you can easily make yourself!).

You just flatten the toastbread with a rolling pin and put some jam or peanutbutter (or both…) on top (not too much!). Mister Kitchen’s seasalt and caramel peanut butter is my favourite!! You can buy it at AH Belgium.



You then roll up the slices and dip them in the beaten eggs/milk mixture. Start baking them with the seam down and roll over once.



When they’re golden brown, you take them out of the pan and coat them with cinnamon sugar.



Serve immediately, but if you want, serve with an extra-dollop of syrup.