A while back, I was asked to ’testdrive’ a new KitchenAid-pan for the Solo Open Kitchen Platform. You can read my review and recipes here.

I made two dishes for that occasion and the first one is this super-easy, quick and incredibly tasty green curry.

And as you know by now, if I can make it, so can you!

How do you go about it?

Well, first you stirfry one chopped onion together with some crushed garlic (three cloves) in a medium heat pan.



Add one chopped pepper and half of a chopped courgette. Stir in two table spoons of green curry paste and let all the aromas run free.

Pour a can of coconut milk over it all and add a small broccoli and some sugarsnaps.

(if you want your veggies less crunchy, you can always parboil them first)

Let everything simmer away quietly for a good 10 minutes.



I served the curry with some lovely jasmin rice, papadums and some crunchy peanuts on top.

My kids loved it and hey, that makes me one happy dad! 😉



Soooo good! You should try it, really! 😉