Welcome to my blog!

Hi everyone.

I’m a Belgian guy, married to the lovely and incredibly talented @byevamaria and a very proud father of three great kids.

My interests are international education, travelling, baking, cooking, cars, photography, streetart, coffee, interior design, architecture, swimming, music and so on and so on…

I’m also a huge fan of cities and just love walking around in them. Discovering a cool coffee place I didn’t know about yet, simply makes my day. 😉

On this blog I want to share some of my travel- and foodstories with you all.

I am a smartphone photographer which means all my pictures, both on the blog and on Instagram, are shot with my phone.

Regarding the things I bake and cook, the simpler the recipe, the more I like it! I like things to be easy, quick, but full of flavour and colour.

And remember, if I can do it… so can you!

Thank you all for inspiring me and… for joining Roeckiesworld!