Needless to tell you all I quite like Instagram… 😉

I love taking pictures with my phone and sharing them with you all. I myself follow around 900 people simply because all of them inspire me in some way or the other, every day again.

This is why I’ve decided to share some of my favourite Instagram accounts with you all from time to time. Making a selection was incredibly hard, but I tried so… here are my first twenty-one:

  1. Rufusbixton : this creative guy charms everyone with his gorgeous shots of beautiful Basel and Amsterdam. And he likes coffee too. 
  2. The Holy Kauw Company : I absolutely love the work of this incredibly talented and hardworking sweet Dutch couple. Foodies at their best. 
  3. EllenCharlotteMarie: turns out everyone’s favourite Belgian foodie is one of the sweetest people out there, a pure joy to watch her colourful pictures and to try out her healthy recipes! 
  4. Flaviosalsano: this guy… what to say about him except he cracks me up every time, illustrator, but a talent in many, many ways. Oh, and he can make pizza too. 
  5. Pistache-Piston: fascinating, sometimes bewildering shots, but that’s just what you need on IG. Oh, and he likes cars too. 
  6. Maandagdaandag: I have been following Daan and her family on their adventures for a few years now and they are such a crazy, warm and loving bunch, you can only feel privileged to be able to follow them! 
  7. Vegandtables: young stylish foodie experimenting with style and food and photography, so interesting to join him on his journey straight to the top. 
  8. Leslie en cuisine: fun and very enthusiastic lady moving her way up through Belgian foodlife! 
  9. Elisa kookt: Els is an expert in foodstyling and a joy to learn from her pictures and work. 
  10. Dietemiet : I so enjoy Judith’s sharp observations of daily family life. She often makes me smile and sometimes, that’s all one needs. 
  11. Alectius: this young talent, Amir, has a great eye and surprises me time and time again with his view on familiar places in our town (Leuven). 
  12. Elienscuisine: this busy bee makes you wanna dive into the kitchen straight away every time you see her tasty food and stunning photographs! 
  13. Yvestown: one of the sweetest and most talented people on IG (and in real life), Yvonne’s sense of style is truly impeccable and sometimes we all just want to escape to ‘an Yvestown world’, no? And oh yeah, I love her ‘catvoice’. 
  14. Barbara Decré: Outdoor photographer. Dogs in hats, stunning landscapes. Big like.  
  15. Kapitein Zeppos: The last of the international playboys, few people I know, have such distinct style and personality as Kris. 
  16. Carsinfrontofhouses:  as a carlover this account is a true dream. 
  17. Marbledavid: you will never look at a building the same way again after seeing Frank’s stunning and often surprising shots. 
  18. Heinstirred: this guy lives and works in South-Africa and takes thé most amazing food shots, I’m a huge, huge fan. 
  19. Josetoro.0: a simple concept, but I love it. People walking by in Seville. Every day. Did you know there’s a whole #josetorowalkers community on IG as well? 
  20. Highlandheaps: Miles and I go way back, since the early Instagram days… living in the Scottish Highlands and showcasing his love for cars. Mr Niceguy too. 

21. Dagnyros: big fan of this stylish, energetic, funny and talented TV-chef and author. 

Special mention to thé one I will follow wherever she goes and who inspires me every day: Byevamaria. X