Summer is here, so time for (home-made) ice-cream!

Domo Belgium gave me their DO9030i ice-cream maker to try out.

It’s rather small, but quite heavy to lift. It has a built-in compressor and can make all sorts of ice-cream. The machine starts freezing your mixture as soon as you switch it on. No need to put parts in the freezer first (very handy)!

The bucket can contain about 1,5 litres of ice-cream (around 800 gr) which was just fine for our family of 5. The see-through lid makes you can keep an eye on the mixture while it’s turning.

There is also a small opening through which you can add certain ingredients (fruit/chocolate/raisins/… ) at a later stage without having to switch off the machine.

The machine turned out to be very easy and practical to use (not a lot to clean after you’ve used it).  I did sometimes have to freeze the ice-cream a little bit more after turning, although I already had extended the suggested times.

I tried to make 4 different types of ice-cream. Some so-so, some good and some really good! I’ll only share the two final recipes with you here today cause I want to fine-tune the others a bit first. I feel a summer full of experimenting coming on! 😉

First I tried vegan coconut ice-cream with a strawberry swirl. The taste turned out great, but I didn’t like the texture very much. My wife said it was a bit like eating a snowball… haha. 😉 So definitely need to work on that!

I loooove the picture though… Paper cups and golden spoons from Kabine Koksijde.



My second attempt was better already as I made a banana-cardamom ice-cream. Loved the taste and the structure was much better! And big thanks to Le Creuset for providing me with these limited edition pastel ice-cream bowls. Aren’t they the cutest?



The ones I (and my kids) loved the most however was first of all this raspberry sorbet.

It tasted (and looked – that colour!!) absolutely divine! And with only 400 gr of fresh raspberries, 1 dl of water and 100 gr of sugar as ingredients (mixed all together before pouring into the machine and then 20 minutes in the machine) it’s super easy and quick to make.

I think this will be a hit here at the house this coming summer!

I already tried blueberry sorbet as well (same recipe, but blueberries instead of raspberries of course) and that was also delish!

Especially in combination with some yummy ‘stroopwafeltjes’…



But by far thé best one, was this delightful coffee (what else?) ice-cream for which I used 3 dl of milk, 2 dl of cream, 2 egg yolks, 125 gr of sugar, 1 teaspoon of cocoa, 2 teaspoons of Nescafé Gold and a pinch of salt.

I first mixed together the egg yolks with the sugar.

Then I added the cream and the milk and stirred it all together. Finally, I added the cocoa, the coffee and the salt.

Pour it into the machine and let it turn for about 30 minutes.

This recipe is for a ‘cold’ preparation so no need to heat up the milk or anything, easy-peasy!



This DOMO 9030i ice-cream maker (guide price of around 250 euros, but look out for deals) offers good value for money.

Is it the best ice-cream maker out there?

Maybe not, but it certainly does the trick for me and I am looking forward to further experimenting with it.

A summer filled with delicious home-made ice-cream it will be!