Last Saturday, I was invited by ProMove to come down to the race circuit in Heusden-Zolder (Limburg, Belgium) for a course on safe driving or ‘rijvaardigheidstraining’ as we say in Dutch.



Being on the road myself day in day out, I really jumped at the occasion to maybe learn more techniques on how to drive in sometimes hazardous circumstances.

Last week the weather in Belgium was so bad for a few days that I really could have used some techniques to help me drive more safely.

Also, being a dad (and trying to be a responsible one), I often have three kids (or more) in my car so the safer, the better, wouldn’t you agree?

After a warm welcome by the people from ProMove and after a short briefing, we were shown a little clip about the dangers and consequences of dangerous driving.



After a few more pointers, it was time to get behind the wheel ourselves!



We practised two things during our session, first one was how to make an emergency stop and the second one how to avoid sudden obstacles on your way. Both situations that might occur in real life.



It was definitely not an easy job to keep the car (and yourself) under control but luckily the ProMove instructor gave us some really good tips and after a few tries, we were slowly getting the hang of it.



Thank you ProMove and Visit Limburg for this awesome and valuable experience!

I now feel a bit more conscious going on the road in bad weather conditions.

And also a big thank you to Charlotte, Lies, Anne en Davy for the great company that morning.

Want to see more footage about our interesting morning? Then make sure to check out this clip!



In case you’re still looking for an original Christmas or New Year’s gift, why not give

someone a voucher to take this course?

Link can be found here.