The open-air museum Bokrijk has been one of my favourite places to visit in Flanders since… well, for ever (as the ones who follow me on Instagram have probably noticed already). It is just a great place to go for a walk with the family in beautiful green surroundings and meanwhile learn a bit more about farm and village life in days gone by. And if you have small children (or even big ones like mine) they will absolutely love the gigantic forest playground! And the farm animals. And… And…



Earlier today, the entire Bokrijk-team was very proud to present their latest adventure. They are opening a bakery in a completely and beautifully renovated barn. Idea behind it, is to re-think the entire open-air museum in such a way it will keep our precious heritage ‘alive and kicking’ for the next generations. This bread-story is only just the beginning of many new exciting projects in the years to come.



The old barn, where they now set up the new bakery, has been complety restored using local building techniques and materials. And one has to say, the result is simply stunning. BC Architects did a truly amazing job.


de superette Bokrijk



To make this project a success, Bokrijk of course needed passionate people. They were very lucky to find Chef Kobe Desramaults and Baker Sarah Lemke to help them set up this new venture. Sarah first worked in restaurants in the States before moving to Belgium and teaming up with Kobe at his restaurant ‘In de Wulf’. In 2014, De Superette opened in Ghent, one of my favourite places to go for coffee or lunch. Since opening De Superette, Sarah Lemke’s sourdough bread, baked in a woodfire oven, has become world famous in Belgium and beyond. One can only bow in respect for such excellent craftsmanship. Here at De Superette Bokrijk, they will only use local ingredients to make the dough.


sarah lemke


It was also great to see that the story of bread-making – now and then – is being told in different ways at Bokrijk. There are some interesting artefacts on display which give you an insight in how people used to make bread in the olden days and there is a fascinating video-wall which contrasts beautifully with the rugged stable interior in which it is placed.



From tomorrow onwards, you can buy the bread here at Bokrijk (I was the first one today ;-)). The plan is to also go on tour with the Superette Van and sell the bread at local food markets. You can check for the latest information and timetables.



Don’t these look stunning? And I bet  they taste stunning too. They are now waiting here in my kitchen, for 10 lovely sewing bloggers who are coming for lunch tomorrow. Hope they”ll enjoy it!



See you at Bokrijk?