People who have been following me for some time, know by now that I love cinnamon, but then again… who doesn’t?

This easy apple pie has a cinnamon roll crust and smells like… Christmas. 😉 Does that make sense to you?

For the bottom and the sides I used two ready-to-go crumble dough rolls which I first lightly buttered – using a small brush – before covering them with a mixture of dark brown sugar and cinnamon. You roll them up and cut them into thin slices.

Then comes the fun part… you push them completely flat! Make sure there are no holes left in between.



You thinly slice 7 large apples and you sprinkle some lemon juice over it.

Toss them around in a large bowl together with two tablespoons of plain flour and two tablespoons of sugar.



This pie doesn’t really need any covering, but I decided to quickly made a crumble to add some extra flavour and texture on top.



You bake the pie for about 40 minutes in a 200 degrees oven. Make sure the bottom is fully baked, because in my first attempt the bottom was still a little bit underbaked and soggy so I had to slide it back into the oven for another good 10 minutes.



You can always make some icing to drizzle on top afterwards or add a scoop of vanilla icecream… but I thought I already had used enough sugar, this time… 😉