Whilst looking for inspiration for nice desserts to make, I stumbled upon Lorraine Pascale’s recipe for what she calls ‘Neat Eton Mess’, her own version of the famous English dessert. It basically consists out of two meringue circles placed on top with some fresh cream and fruit in between. I decided to give it a go and more or less followed her recipe (I left out the ginger because I didn’t have any at home).

For the meringue I just whisked up 4 egg whites together with two teaspoons of cornflour, 100 gr of caster sugar and a drop of white wine vinegar. To give them a bit of colour, I added some pink food colouring.  I then piped the meringue straight onto the baking sheets (I first drew 10 circles on it) and then I baked the meringues in a 130 degrees oven for about 30 minutes. Once baked, I turned off the oven and left the meringues to dry out in the oven.

For the filling I just whipped up some fresh cream with 50 gr of icing sugar, some vanilla extract and added a mix of raspberries and blueberries. I finished the whole thing off with some pistachios and fresh mint on top.

I have to admit, this tasted just… heavenly! The meringues were crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, so good! You guys must give it a try!