A gift wrapping workshop organised by one of my favourite stores (Flying Tiger)? Sounded like fun!
So off to Antwerp we went! The workshop was run by the lovely and very talented Miss Anne Catherine, AKA the Master of Giftwrapping.



We each got to choose a gift to wrap. Well, at first I seriously doubted between a toilet-fishing game and a stylish wooden cutting board… 😉 but then I thought the cutting board would make a perfect addition to our newly renovated kitchen. Giftwrap-wise it turned out not be the easiest choice though…



But with a lot of concentration on this very serious task, ansd with some pointers by Anne-Catherine, I managed. The Flying Tiger Headquarters was literally filled with stuff to decorate your Christmas gift, the choice at Flying Tiger this year is just enormous!
In the end, it may not have been the prettiest gift of the night… but I was very happy with it. 🙂



It truly was a lovely event with such nice people and great food and drinks. 


Thank you so much Flying Tiger and Xian Agency for having us and for that lovely present… which I already opened the day after. 🙂